Talk About the Basic Understanding of Abstract Oil Painting Art

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Abstract Oil Painting

Talk About the Basic Understanding of Abstract Oil Painting Art

Usually, it is a pluralistic period. In a word, abstract oil painting creation, whether in terms of content or in terms of expression, is also a variety of different genres, so that the works of various genres in the hundred gardens of oil painting, shine brilliantly.

Abstract oil painting slowly enters ordinary people's homes. When people decorate the walls of their houses, in recent years. Watercolours, Chinese paintings and oil paintings are often selected. Especially abstract oil painting is more popular.

The painting market can be roughly divided into three categories: Chinese painting and Chinese painting. Western painting and folk painting. Chinese painting emphasizes charm, interest, brush and ink, but western painting does not. Western paintings include oil paintings, woodcut, copperplate, sketch, watercolor, gouache and other kinds of paintings.Among them, oil painting is the most powerful, adaptable and decorative painting.

However, Western oil painting has been introduced into people's social life for only 300 years. It was just the beginning of the last century. After the reform and opening up, all kinds of styles and genres of oil painting creation have a place.

Abstract Painting Art

Abstract oil painting can be divided into theme painting, abstract oil painting creation on its subject matter division. Custom paintings, landscape paintings, portraits and still life paintings. However, no matter what subject matter, the work mainly relies on the two elements of appearance and color. That is to say, the shape, light and color used in oil painting represent the wrist.

That's body. This requires the painter to have the appearance ability and shape first. We should have a deep knowledge of sketching. Without a good foundation of sketch, if you want to paint a good oil painting, it seems that a tall building without foundation can not stand up.

That is the expression of light effect. After the rise of French Impressionism, Light. It has triggered people's discussion and expression of light. The artist's solution to light tends to be scientific and rational. So the expression of light and shadow becomes more vivid. Light and shadow are important elements to set off the atmosphere. It's not hard to understand that just by looking at the lighting effect of the theatre stage.

That is, the paint made in the factory. The most important element of the oil painting is color. The color is different from the color on the palette. A painter would never put a color on a palette. The colors that are unaltered onto the canvas must be artistically modulated by the artist's heart to obtain the gentleness of the color, Fidelity, and harmony between the color block and the color block. This is what people usually call a tune or color.The color of an oil painting can not be a random patchwork of colors, nor can it be complicated and dazzling, but should constitute a picture effect that can show a certain color tendency and change without reason, wonderful and delicate.

That is to say, if an oil painting does not constitute a tone, color is the soul of oil painting. No tune. Without a uniform and changeable combination of color blocks, the painting can be said to have failed to reach the passing line.

Oil paintings also pay attention to composition, in addition to the above request. Brush strokes, rhythms, etc.

Modern oil painting creation can be roughly divided into two categories: general painting and concrete painting.

That is to say, in the expression of the picture, the shape of natural objects is removed, so-called general oil painting. It is replaced by an expression of idea and image. This kind of painting does not have a detailed image of nature, as long as the color block, lines, dots, etc. The reader only draws associations and imaginations from the combination of these color blocks. Such as Zhao Wuji's works belong to this category. The art theory of general painting is various, but it can be summed up in an ancient Chinese saying: "elephant is invisible".

People have a misunderstanding, usually. they think Impressionism, Fauvism and Futurism are called General Painting. In fact, these large abstract wall art only break the framework of realism and classicism, and do not extract the image. At most, they just modernize the ideal image and make it deformed and exaggerated.

Abstract Wall Art

At present, some painters constitute a certain style of work, and their works are also quite deep. However, some people may lack sketch roots and have not been severely trained in idealistic paintings. They mistakenly believe that casually applying and smearing is a general painting of such works. The meaning is not deep. The interest is not strong, there is no decorative interest, and there is no deliberate ingenuity. It is only in the way. In fact, it greatly distorts the purpose of abstract painting.

In addition to full realism, in concrete painting. Various ways of being deformed or somewhere between generality and representativeness with a strong interest in decoration.