abstract oil painting is most popular with people

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abstract painting wall art

In recent years, oil paintings have gradually entered the homes of ordinary people. When decorating the wall of home or office, people often choose some watercolor paintings, Chinese paintings and oil paintings. Especially the abstract oil painting is most popular with people.

In China, the painting market is roughly divided into three categories: Chinese painting, Western painting and Folk painting.

Chinese paintings are about rhyme, interest, pen and ink, but Western painting is not.

Western paintings include oil painting, woodblock, copperplate, sketch, watercolor, gouache and other paintings. Among them, oil painting is the most expressive, practical and decorative.

Western oil paintings have been introduced to China for only three hundred years. They have entered the social life of people extensively when it was the beginning of the last century. After the reform and opening up, all styles and genres of oil painting have a place.
Oil painting creation is divided into theme painting, genre painting, landscape painting, portrait painting and life painting. But no matter what the subject is, the work mainly depends on the two elements of style and color. In other words, oil painting uses three major means of expression: shape,light and color.

Shape, that is, form. This requires the artist to have the ability to shape first and have a deep sketch.  If you want to draw a good oil painting with no good basis for sketching, it is like a tall building without a foundation.

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Light, that is, the performance of light effects. After the rise of the French Impressionism, it triggered people's research and performance on light. The painter's understanding of light tends to be scientific and rational. Therefore, the performance of light and shadow is more vivid and vivid. Light and shadow are important elements of the atmosphere. It is easy of understanding the lighting effects of the theater stage.

The most important element of oil painting is color. The color is different from the color on the palette. The painter never puts the color on the palette, which is the paint produced by the factory, on the canvas as it is. These colors must be carefully and artistically modulated by the artist to achieve a soft, realistic color, a harmonious unity between the color blocks. This is what people usually call tones or hue. The color of a painting can't be colorful,it can't be complicated, it should be dazzling, but it should form a picture that can reflect a certain color tendency, and change without any reason, subtle and delicate.

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Hue is the soul of oil painting. There is no tone, that is to say, if a painting does not form a tone and there is no harmonious and unified color block combination, then the oil painting can be said to have not reached the pass line. In addition to the above requirements, oil paintings also pay attention to composition, brush strokes, rhythm and so on.

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